Conquests - Part 11

I have been under hypnosis.

Now don't think I'm a person who is easily influenced by anything... but I volunteered for a comedic hypnosis show back in my early 20s. Having seen this particular hypnotist in action with my mother, we both thought we'd bring our friends to his last show in town. My participation would give everyone a good laugh at someone they know!

Hypnosis for me was receiving suggestions while in a state of awareness but lack of caring. It was quite fun, actually! I felt relaxed and comfortable - with no inhibitions. It was like being drunk with more memory and less queasiness.

My assigned suggestions were initially goofy... "You are a straw kleptomaniac" and I collected straws around the club from every person that wasn't looking during intermission. "You find every man with a beard to be the hottest man alive" and I would shamelessly flirt with a bearded guy until another walked by. "You are Celine Dion" and I got pissed off and berated anyone who didn't recognize me. Great fun!

Great fun until the last hour of the show... when the hypnotist decided for his last night in town things needed to be downright dirty. So some people were on stage dancing with their chairs, then kissing their chairs, then trying to do the nasty with their chairs. I wasn't a part of that massive group. No, of course not. I was one of 3 women the hypnotist kept to the side for the next part... With just a touch of his hand on our shoulder, we would experience an amazing orgasm.

My mother is in the audience. Her best friends are in the audience. My crush is in the audience. My co-workers are in the audience - - and I know it, but just don't care. The hypnotist came up behind me... and he barely touched my shoulder.

That was a great night... and I had the experience of a lifetime.


Blogger Collin said...

I think I've seen that hypnotist. Or at least one like him. I never volunteered to be hypnotized though.

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