Chewing on Racism

I'm pretty much fed up with all this reverse-racism, misled religious hatred, and general douchery occurring in the United States right now. I'm proud of my heritage... and because I was born into a Conservative Caucasian background, I'm automatically flagged as a racist thanks to the current government administration.

My great-grandparents on my dad's side of the family immigrated to the US through Ellis Island from Ireland. Due to the anti-Irish movement at the time, they listed their heritage as Scotch-Irish... and it was a wise move. My family was able to get a loan for a farm where they raised cattle for 3 generations.

My great-grandparents on my mom's side all immigrated from Norway as merchants and ministers. My grandmother told me stories of her grandmother not ever being able to speak English, so everyone had to know Dutch until she passed away... then everyone forgot how to speak it.

I'm proud that my family came to the US, became citizens via the process at the time, and made their way through their own struggles by their own hands.

So here's one for you, Obama. I don't like you because you're making rash decisions too quickly. I don't appreciate that you want to make things happen while your party can filibuster, instead of coming up plans that BOTH parties can mostly agree on and everyone can vote through BECAUSE they agree. If things were done well, they wouldn't need to be rushed, either.

The way you treat world leaders is cheesy and embarassing. If I were ever given the opportunity to meet the Queen of England - I would gift her something precious to me and representative of the US like precious stones set into gold from our own soil - not an iPod made in China. If I were ever given the opportunity to meet the British Prime Minister - I would give him a collection of rare photographs depicting American history and spirit - not some DVDs that he could rent on his own if he had time to watch them.

I appreciate your optimism... and I really hoped you would be everything that everyone wanted.

Right now, all I see is a man who is desperately seeking public approval without listening to public concerns. The solution isn't printing more money to bailout failing industries. The solution is to let failing industries fail so innovation can pick up the pieces.

You've got an uphill battle... and my advice is to slow down. While 1 year has gone by already, you only need to feel rushed if you believe you will fail at the Presidency. If you do it right and pace yourself in the first 4 years, everyone will want you back for another 4 so you can finish what you started.


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