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I'm trying to keep this from becoming one... so I'm posting some new material.

Today's lesson is: Why you should never take some "tests" on Facebook/Twitter/MySpace or any other site that offers communication between you and all your friends/co-workers/family.

A friend of mine who is kind of a lost soul that is desperate for attention posted a test last night. To give you an idea of his personality - his defining quote on his profile is "Workin toward 1000 friends... common you know you wanna be my friend.... ;-)". He also has posted updates like, "I want to see my name in everyone's status updates today." I do actually consider him to be a friend - I just can't seem to do anything about his need for attention from the planet to verify his existence. He's a nice guy, kind of shallow, but has a great sense of humor and generally has his heart in the right place.

So back to our main topic for today... this friend apparently felt it necessary to find out "How good are you in bed?" with a result of "Incredible Lover". When he posted his result, he added the comment, "I guess it's time for comments from the peanut gallery."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but how accurate of a test can this be if you have to take it from a computer? Did you at least take the machine out to dinner first? By doing the quiz... was there already an expectation of what result you'd get on the screen? Then considering all of your friends and family on your Facebook/Twitter/MySpace account, did it really seem like a good idea to let them know that an online test can guage how good you are in bed?

Any quiz like this should immediately be ignored. You want to know how good you are in bed? Go out, get into a meaningful relationship, and when your relationship makes the move into the bedroom - you'll find out on your own how good you are. Life experience and practice are the only things that will ever give you an accurate result on a test like that.

Oh, and as for the peanut gallery... of all of his 800+ friends, the only one to post a reply was his mom.


Blogger dinahjo said...

hahaha I love the taking the computer on a date part (whipping tears from eyes).

2:27 PM  

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