Yay Thanksgiving!

My husband's sister had a baby this spring... Isabella. She was born premature and is prone to sickness. His sister doesn't want anyone around the baby without them having a full spectrum of flu shots (very understandable since the baby could get sick very easily). Neither my husband nor I believed that getting the H1N1 shot was a good idea since it was churned out so quickly without much testing... so we probably won't get to see the little one until she's a year old.

Additionally, my husband's brother fathered a little girl who he now has nothing to do with... Lavender. I've never met my husband's brother, and the guy is just a jerk to the family, so I don't care to. Regardless, she's another baby that's a part of the family!

Normally we host Thanksgiving, so I got in touch with the rest of the family to see what the plans were for Thanksgiving and Christmas to just get everyone on the same page. We have a wedding to go to for my oldest niece in December, so we knew Thanksgiving was our only chance to see everyone. I was hoping we could again host to at least see my husband's mother & step-father, and Lavender and her mother.

I love my mother-in-law, but I did get kind of a punch in the gut with this phone call. She said, "You know, I just want to spend every holiday with these new babies since I am finally a grandma. Let's just not worry about Thanksgiving or Christmas, and we'll get together sometime down the road." I kind of knew it would come to that when someone had a baby.

So Thanksgiving has gone from being the standard family thing... to just us. I think we'll be hanging out with friends the night before, but I've bought a small turkey, and all the fixings, and we'll be enjoying the long weekend as just the two of us.


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You think that is bad? You should have heard about the family drama in my husbands family just for Thanksgiving than we got another round at Christmas. Can divorce my in-laws?

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