Lack Of Sleep

Working full time in advertising while maintaining a home-based business is making my life crazy. Things were manageable until the home business really picked up - - I had 20 sapphires to facet in less than 2 weeks... and I still had regular repair gemstones coming in. I've almost doubled my monthly wages with this plethora of work, but DAMN.

I haven't had dark circles under my eyes like this since college! There was a time I could go to school, work full time, do homework, go on dates, party, and continue to function like a normal human being on 4 hours of sleep. I looked like hell, but I felt just fine.

Did I get old overnight? I'm in a downright foul mood if I don't get a full 8 hours of sleep... Speaking of which, I should probably go to bed since I'll only get in about 6 hours tonight if I'm lucky! Look out tomorrow, co-workers!!!


Anonymous rosie said...

Ah yes sleep, if only that were part of my life anymore! I never get more than 6 hours, ever. It sucks. I think I have become too used to being tired. Make sure to sleep a lot before having babies, sleeping is hard when you are pregnant so get it now!

5:13 AM  

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