WoW - My Brain is Fried

World of Warcraft is an addiction. I say this because I'm surrounded by people who suffer from it. I have a guy friend who only met women to date online via the game. I know a guy who doesn't share a bed with his wife anymore because they work opposite hours and play until they can hardly stay awake... thus missing each other face-to-face 6 of 7 days of the week. There is a couple I know who put their kids to bed early to get online and play. I have seen marriages break up... I have seen people enter into affairs... I've watched children grow while their parents were glued to the monitor... and I'm trying so hard to not become a part of it.

Why is it so popular? It's a way to escape. The economy is bad, prices are going up, incomes are going down, and on WoW you can be someone else for the low price of $15.00 a month. You can slay mobs of creatures with the click of a finger, and become a highly sought-after master crafter who always has work to do and money coming in, and meeting new people is as easy as saying "LFG! (Looking For Group)".

Now I'm realizing I haven't posted to my blog in nearly a month (yeah - I was traveling), but since I've been home I've been playing because it's easy. So I'm breaking the habit... it's just a matter of willpower and I'm a strong woman. So it begins!


Blogger dinahjo said...

It's good to see you back on your blog. Good luck with kicking the habit, that is going to be a hard one.

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Mr. Link said...

WoW changed my life for the better. A few years back, my father-in-law introduced my wife and I to it, and I can testify that it's like crack. It's designed by well-paid behaviorists and psychologist specifically to keep you playing (and paying the monthly fee).

I lost months to questing and earning "gold" in the game's auction house.

And then they release The Burning Crusade upgrade, and the activation code for the disk I bought had already been used by some hacker, so I couldn't upgrade.

That's when I came up for air and re-evaluated what I was doing. Months of hard work, with no productivity at all. Nothing to show for it.

And so, then and there, I decided to live the adventures of WoW in real life. Hiking, kayaking, rafting, skiing...

And I haven't looked back.

5:09 AM  
Blogger Conqueress - Egoist Views of the World said...

Yep! That's the idea. Get back to living my life and not an electronic one. I've got a ton of photos to get into my scrapbook, and some gemstones I want to cut for myself, and I plan to spend next summer rock-hounding all over Colorado!

10:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome!! I missed your posts, my taco!!

5:00 PM  

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