I have been becoming less of a fan of the holidays over the last few years. The biggest reason? The in-laws.

My husband and I have become the afterthought because we are the only people who don't have kids. We try to be proactive... we make calls and send e-mails. We ask if anyone has made plans, or if anyone is wanting to host something, and we never get responses.

Then events are coordinated without including us, and we get a call a few days before telling us where to be and when. It always involves us driving for hours to someone else's house, and when we arrive we get the, "I'm so glad you could make it! It really is easier for you to make the trip here than for anyone to come see you." Yeah. I know. Thanks.

This year we decided that we would make the trip for Thanksgiving, and offer to host Christmas at our house. We drove for 4 hours to have turkey lunch with his family, and as we were getting ready to leave - the question came, "Do you have plans for Christmas?" My husband answered, "Well actually, we're going to stay home. We'd love to host Christmas dinner this year for everyone!" To which his mother said, "With these grandbabies, I can't imagine doing Christmas anywhere but here." He said to me, "I guess we'll have dinner just the two of us!"

I doubt there will be any change of plans...


Blogger ol1bit said...

We had a wonderful in Arizona!

Too bad you couldn't make it.

9:54 AM  
Blogger Conqueress said...

LOL! This post is from back in 2010!

Yeah, thanks to Jer's pushy work - we had to lock down which holiday he would be in CO back in August before the family had decided on doing Thanksgiving vs. Christmas in AZ. Turned out to be a lose-lose, except that we did get to spend Christmas with Dad.

8:12 PM  

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