Being Replaced

I knew the time was near... My husband has moved across the country, I am soon to follow, and my duty at work now is to train my replacement. My training regimen is as follows:

#1 - Convince RJ to go to lunch whenever you need a gossip update about the Account Executive department.
#2 - Only poop in the bathroom by the shipping department because you can lock the door and take care of business in private.
#3 - Keep a camera phone on-hand at all company events because the images you catch on film will give you giggles the rest of your life (and maybe even make you wealthy).

My greatest sadness is that I will no longer be around to take my Art Guys to lunch anymore on my Taco's behalf. That's something that can't be taught to anyone... and no one is as cool as me to do that job anyway.


Anonymous rosie said...

lol I can't believe that you are training someone where to poop! How funny.

I still can't believe you guys are moving, just one of those strange things that will never seem normal. I hope it all goes well!

8:18 AM  

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