Four-Wheel Drive

The things I love about Colorado outweigh the things I hate... but this time of year brings out a frustration which I can't help but voice.

WHYWHYWHY do people think that having a 4-wheel drive vehicle means they can drive however they want?

So to those people, I want to ask the following:

Are you an idiot?
Do you have a God complex?
Perhaps it's a Napoleon complex?
Were you dropped on your head as a child?
What part of "icy conditions" do you not comprehend?
Do you actually think 4-wheel drive means 4-wheel stop?
When you slide through an intersection... do you think it's a fluke?
Is your wang so small that you must drive like an ass in any kind of weather?
How does it feel to smash a small car with your big, overcompensating vehicle?

The next snow storm / icy weather that comes your way... try driving 10-15 under the speed limit, and leave home early so you don't have to drive like a dick to get to where you're going on time.


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