The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Looking back at this year, I realize I've been too busy to write down my feelings here. I don't have many people I talk to about things going on in my head... so I just allow my work to consume me and I forget about the things I'm thinking and feeling.

Today I vowed to spend my time cooking, relaxing, and thinking. I got up this morning and prepped a nice little 10-pound turkey with my hubby. We put it in the oven, and I got on the computer to play some games. At 3:00, I started sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, & garlic cheddar mashed potatoes. By 4:00, we pulled the turkey out of the oven, and my hubby carved away while I finished up the side dishes. Everything was so YUMMY!

Now I'm sitting and enjoying my snuggly, sleepy kitties - reflecting on 2010.

We were very blessed this year to have good health and no bad news in either of our families. We did some major world traveling to Europe. My home business grew to a storefront and is thriving. Our marriage is stronger than ever and we are quickly approaching 8 years together. I'm thankful for the good friends we have that make it possible for us to just be who we are.

Merry Christmas (or Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Muharram, or whatever you are celebrating) and Happy New Year!!!


Four-Wheel Drive

The things I love about Colorado outweigh the things I hate... but this time of year brings out a frustration which I can't help but voice.

WHYWHYWHY do people think that having a 4-wheel drive vehicle means they can drive however they want?

So to those people, I want to ask the following:

Are you an idiot?
Do you have a God complex?
Perhaps it's a Napoleon complex?
Were you dropped on your head as a child?
What part of "icy conditions" do you not comprehend?
Do you actually think 4-wheel drive means 4-wheel stop?
When you slide through an intersection... do you think it's a fluke?
Is your wang so small that you must drive like an ass in any kind of weather?
How does it feel to smash a small car with your big, overcompensating vehicle?

The next snow storm / icy weather that comes your way... try driving 10-15 under the speed limit, and leave home early so you don't have to drive like a dick to get to where you're going on time.