New Outlook On Life

I have recently left a hostile work environment.  It took me getting away and sitting down at my home workbench to realize why I have felt so empty the past year.

My job within the company was to get them to make more money... so how do you prove that what you're doing is actually working?  Well people with common sense would say looking at sales numbers and gauge history before I came on board vs. after I came on board.

Company trends on paper were 15-20% increases in sales before I came in.  The numbers jumped to being up an average of 60% after I came in.  The numbers in 2012 ended with an overall increase in sales of 42%.  Damn, I'm good.

BUT WAIT!  It's not enough.  I personally closed nearly HALF of the company's December sales, but the owner's wife said she wasn't comfortable with me being the highest paid employee.

Oh - I'm sorry... I thought you wanted to make more money.  By paying me a ridiculous paycheck in December and still looking at your overall numbers, you made more profit as a company since I came on than and previous 5 years COMBINED.

I spent the last 6 months trying to prove to everyone that I was worth my weight in gold... only to be put down, ignored, and left out of company decisions that affected the bottom line.

I left a week ago to return to working from home.  I find I am sitting taller, feeling stronger, and realize I no longer need to prove anything to anyone but myself.