Conquests - Part 4 Continued...

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Alright... here's the picture! Now that I'm back in town from vacation, I thought it would be fun to find & share. Gotta love how they added a kitten for the cuteness factor...

Conquests - Part 4

I was a Charmin baby.

Back in 1982, Charmin toilet tissue had a contest for Charmin babies & toddlers. My mom thought it would be fun to submit some pictures of me to see what happened. She had some photos from a road trip we had taken through Cooke City, MT... at the top of the pass in the summer-time.

It doesn't get much above 65 degrees in the hottest days of the year at the summit, and we were lucky to be traveling on a warm day. The wildflowers were in bloom, and we had packed a picnic lunch, so my mother, father and I parked and walked out onto one of the tundra-ish fields to take a break. My mother's brother (my uncle) was a retired military photographer, and my mother had bought his camera equipment for a hobby. While we were eating she snapped a few shots of me on a picnic blanket, with a curly ponytail, in a blue jumper with pink flowers.

Sure enough, the photos she chose from that day were sent in for the contest, and I was the face of Charmin Toilet Tissue from 1983-1985. Try to dig that photo up!


Tom Cruise Kills Oprah

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OMFG - - I can't believe it has taken me so long to actually link this video for you all. Great little clip to make you giggle like a school girl! Clickie on the pic to watch.


Conquests - Part 3

I have chased a bear on horseback.

Where I grew up in Montana, we had a small ranch that shared a boundary with 150 sq. miles of National Forest. For a teenager seeking some quiet time alone... it was perfect. At a moment's notice I could jump on my horse and ride off for hours, only telling my mother I was going for a ride. Looking back I think about all the terrible things that could have happened to me (murdered by a crazed mountain man, struck by lightning, broken neck after falling from said horse, etc.), but being young and invincible I never really considered all of those things.

One summer afternoon in 1996 seemed like the perfect afternoon for a ride. It was cloudy but not stormy, there was a light breeze, and the temp. outside was just over 80. I went to the barn, grabbed my bridle, and called for Ashes (she was named Ashes in May - - born on the day Mt. Saint Helens erupted). As always, she came tearing up the hill to me, I threw her bridle on and we were off.

We went up the old logging trail behind the ranch... an hour ride up to a clear-cut area that overlooked the town below. I jumped off Ashes and dropped her reigns to the ground and laid down in the Indian Paintbrush that covered the hillside. After about 15 minutes, Ashes seemed to have munched her fill of wildflowers and grass, so I stood up and got ready to climb back on her. Quite suddenly, a small herd of about 10 Whitetail deer went racing by within arms reach of Ashes and I... followed immediately by a young Black Bear.

The bear had no interest in me or my horse. He was transfixed on the deer trying to get away. Ashes began stomping aggressively. I jump up on her as quickly as I could, and once she knew I was on board she took off after the bear. I have never in my life had a ride like that... she ran like she was flying - - jumping over stumps and downed trees effortlessly. She was on a mission, and it was to catch that bear.

After about 500 yards we came to a barb-wire fence, and Ashes stomped on the breaks, nearly tossing me over her head. I jumped off and got her to calm down as she paced the fence-line glaring off into the woods after the beast that had narrowly escaped her rage. It took a long time, but finally she was ready to go back.

At home, I told my father about what had happened, only to have him start laughing that big, whole bodied, full grin laugh that told me he knew something I didn't. "Ashes is an old mare. Before she was a regular riding horse she was really only used for breeding. She has that maternal protective instinct. Once she stomped a wild turkey to death when it got too close to her colt. You actually rode her while she chased that bear?"

I did. I probably shouldn't have, but it was the most memorable ride of my life.


Prader-Willi Syndrome

Alright, I'm back into my research mode and thought it might be educational for my readers to learn about a syndrome I have had experience working with...

When I was a teenager I operated a dance school which focused on Tap & Jazz dancing. I wanted to share something I loved with kids who otherwise wouldn't have access to lessons. The nearest city with a dance school was 50 miles away, and the classes were extremely overpriced. My studio was based in a small shopping center with a grocery store, liquor store, and gas station... and classes were $15 a month for a two-hour class every weekend.

About 2 weeks after putting up my first flyer I received a call from a woman who wanted to sign her daughter up for classes, but wondered if I was willing to have a "special needs" child in my classes. The woman explained her daughter had balance problems and her hope was that dancing would give her better coordination. I was happy to have another interested parent, and the little girl began classes the following week. She was 8 years old, and her name was Megan - - the sweetest little girl who was always so excited and eager to learn.

As time passed, I became more familiar with all of the parents, and learned that Megan had Prader-Willi Syndrome (click to learn the basics). The following summers, Megan's mother invited me to a Prader-Willi convention to meet more families living with the syndrome. The event was amazing, with so many families sharing so much love for everyone. There were games and events for the children, and seminars for their parents.

At the end of the week, Megan's mother had a different look in her eyes... one of hope for everything that could be. She had learned about a new treatment many of the children were receiving that stimulated growth and physical development (most children grow into adulthood with limited muscular definition and are typically petite). Incredibly, Megan began to show physical changes within a few months of beginning her treatment. The following years she grew with her classmates, and graduated from high school last year at a respectable height 5'10". Her pictures now show a special woman who stands just taller than her mother, and just shorter than her father.

To learn more about the Prader-Willi Syndrome, treatments, and support organizations - follow the links below!
Q & A
History of PWS
Genetics of PWS
Food Pyramid & Diet
Behaviors & Management
Mayo Clinic Information


The Yucks

Ever have one of those meals that tastes soooo good you just know you're going to feel it the next day? My husband BBQ'd some amazing ribs for me last night, along with corn-on-the-cob and grilled garlic. It was delicious... but we both got sick today. I had an angry belly all morning, and still have the shakes sitting here at home this evening. If it weren't so imperitive for me to be at work to keep things running right, I would call-in sick just to recover tomorrow. I hate feeling weak... it pisses me off.


Conquests - Part 2

I have consumed 24+ beers in one night and lived to tell about it.

A few years ago I went through a pretty dark phase in my life where I was working, drinking at home, and sleeping. Not really any food, no social activities, lots of weight-loss. A gal I worked with insisted I go out with her friends to a country line-dance club to meet some guys she knew. My first night out on the town in a year ended up being totally $$$ free because the group of guys we met up with insisted on buying all of my drinks (I love being a chick). They made it a point to keep a beer in both of my hands from 10 PM until closing time. We had a designated driver, so I decided to drink whatever ended up in my hands. The entire evening was me drinking one bottle of beer after another, and losing count after 24. I know I had more, but I'm not sure if it was 2 or 5 or what. I stayed the night at my friend's house with all the drunk girls and learned that a fried-egg sandwich and shells & cheese is the perfect meal when you have the drunken-munchies (and later found that it tastes pretty dang good when sober).

It was an interesting evening which became the turning point that I realized I needed help, and began seeing a shrink the following week. I still wonder if my alcohol tolerance comes from my family heritage... Hmmm, I feel a research project coming on.


Comments Please

GODDAMNIT! If you're going to look at my blog, please take two minutes to let me know you were here. I don't hand out laughs without expecting a nod of appreciation, Biznotches.



Word is out, and I'm getting more hits than ever! Exciting times indeed. For most of my co-workers, this site has become a place to go for information, but most often a good laugh.

Now for my weekly rant :
Lately it seems that everyone wants to talk shit about someone else behind their back, but still go out to lunches and laugh like everyone is just best buddies. I am sick of all the two-faced brats... including those people reading for the first time (I know you're just looking to dig up something juicy to add to your fire & hatred for others). You can feel free to come here, read on, and enjoy the wealth of information, but don't you think for a moment I don't have some background information on you as well. Yuck it up now, and don't feel hurt if you think a post is about you. It might be, it might not be... either way the joke's on you. Some well-taken advice from a tech-friend prompted me long ago to keep a tape recorder nearby at all times. I've got more information catalogued and on tape than I know what to do with. You don't think your plans to get people fired was just a little secret between the group of people present, did you? What about tag-swapping at department stores to "get a good deal" - - it's still considered stealing in the eyes of the law. Even on-the-clock hour-long conversations are there.

I am not trying to piss of the planet... just keep having your little gossip-fests - - without me. I really am getting sick of being in your vicinity anyways.