Farm Girl

I grew up as a true farmer’s daughter. My father and I trained 5 horses together, I have helped herd horses, milk cows, gather chicken eggs, slaughter pigs, and clean deer meat to name a few. Some of my favorite memories from the farm were when my family was building our log home, and I was assigned to helping at the saw mill on the weekends and over summer break.

The mill was old, designed by my grandfather (a rancher and inventor)… under the tin roof sat a huge saw blade, with an imposing diameter of 4 feet. The 3 inch teeth made it look like the grossly enlarged blade of a circular saw. In Grandpa’s wisdom, the best way to turn the blade was to rig it to the engine and chassis of his old 1955 International truck. He dismantled everything so all that sat inside a shack was a beefy, greasy engine with the exhaust piped up through the roof. It was so fun to watch Dad and Grandpa work on the machine. It started up with truck key that started the engine when it was in a 12-gauge metal body. To move the chain drive, you simply shifted out of neutral into 1st gear, and the blade would spin. Shift into second gear and the track with massive trees on steel skids would drive forward, and the woodchips would fly!

Being the innovative thinker he was, my grandfather even built a wood chip conveyer system. The chips were caught below the spinning blade, and v-shaped shovels scooped everything up and out through the back of the mill, and dumped the sawdust into a seeding machine that was pulled by an old farm tractor. When the seeding machine was full, we would drive the tractor up and down the dirt roads, “seeding” the sawdust in a layer upon layer over the powder-fine dirt. With rain & snow, the chip layers got thick to the texture of a soft pavement and soon there were no dust problems along the roads near the farm, just a soft, quiet layer of saw chips. The solution before the sawdust was to pour a layer of canola oil on the roads, which would wash away with weather.

The mill was dirty, it was loud, but God did it smell so good! In the springtime the wood was moist from trees drinking up spring rain, and the fresh cutting would spatter all of us with the juices. In the fall the trees were dry and fragrant, leaving our clothes with a hint of pine scent even after washing them. Every piece lumber was rough-cut (visible splinters) and later plained (to slightly smooth things out), but solid and straight, and made by the hands of my relatives. The family home was built from the trees on our land, and the beams were cut with the help of my mother & father, grandmother & grandfather, aunt, uncle, cousins, and me.

After having put so much into building a home makes buying a ready-made place seem too easy. I adore the home my husband and I live in now, but I hope the next time around, we create a place that is as much of a labor of love as the home where I grew up.


Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Have A Girl!

The alien baby was born this afternoon in California. Tom & Katie have chosen the name "Suri" meaning "Princess". No secrets here, she is the future royalty of Scientology. Why not just give her the full title, "Princess Suri, Heir to the Throne of Scientology" (maybe because Princess Princess is a bit redundant when translated).

Suri was born a U.S. Citizen, but her father is also considering planetary citizenship with Uranus (his home). How many wanna place bets that Tom will convince this child she is the reborn L. Ron Hubbard destined to rule the Church? I bet the story comes out by the time she's 9.

Only time will tell if Princess Suri is safe from our great Lord Xenu under the protection of her father who is only an Operating Thetan VII. HAIL XENU - THE ALL POWERFUL!!! This child is no threat to your power & glory of 10 Billion years as Supreme Ruler of the Universe!!!


Al-Qaeda's Al-Zawahiri Gets A Fresh New Look

You know, it is always a sad day when an international terrorist begins to lose power... Well, in America, not really. I would love to see the terrorist homeland turned into a sheet of glass and all of the man-kind hating bastards burned for the hurt they have inflicted on other people's lives rather than simply living their own.

Ahem, as I was saying, many terrorist leaders have been forced into hiding because of the bounty on their heads - - And many potential terrorists may ask themselves the follwing:
Is my terrorism ambassador too cruel to win the hearts of the public?
Does his traditional approach to terrorism give me too many warm fuzzies?
Are his ideas and plans to destroy infidels not radical enough for the common terrorist?

Personally,I say no to all of the above! I believe Al-Zawahiri has allowed his look to become too dated for the common up-and-coming terrorist. Goodness knows many Muslims are tossing their turbans aside to let their hair (and thoughts) flow freely... why not an al-Qaeda official? It would open new doors for Rock & Roll / Love / Freedom of Peaceful Expression. Who knew the whole anger problem with terrorists was caused because they just can't express themselves as individuals? In my humble opinion, Al-Zawahiri would be taking his revolution a step forward by busting out of those old rags on his head. It is his duty and responsibility to show radical expression not only through violent actions, but also through self expression.

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Please cast your vote on the terrorist bastard's best bet...
1) Salt n' Peppa Perky
2) Strong Sassy Redhead
3) Knock-Out White
4) Mean Green Fightin' Machine (he almost looks Irish)


A Memory Of Home

I remember this happening... it doesn't seem like it was ten years ago. There was a massive chlorine spill where I grew up, and news stations are revisiting the accident.

Residents of Alberton, MT were evacuated on April 11, 1996 due to a train derailment in the small town. Interstate 90 (I-90) was closed for a stretch of 65 miles through Montana to the Idaho border... there was no travel on that stretch of road for over 2 weeks. Many people stayed with friends in Frenchtown, Huson, Nine-Mile, and Missoula - - forced to leave their homes, businesses, pets, and any belongings they couldn't fit into their vehicles behind. It was a tragedy on a massive scale, with chlorine gasses rising up the mountains, engulfing everything for miles with the hazardous chemical.

Montana Rail Link (MRL) offered citizens of Alberton a deal - - get some cash in your pocket and sign a medical release that MRL can never be held responsible for any side-effects you experience after returning to your home, and you are gagged from ever speaking about the incident publically. Oh, by the way, you must decide in two weeks. As I remember, about 3/4 of the population took the deal, money is always short in small Montana towns. Residents returned to their homes to find a thin, white powder covering every last belonging in their houses - - not like dust from their homes being vacant for an extended period of time, but a thick, chalky powder with the dead, reeking smell of chlorine.

I can't forget the smell... You could step outside and smell the trees, the rain, the dust rising up from the dirt roads - - but there was the lingering scent of chlorine behind every daily scent, and it lingered for several months.

Click HERE to find out more.


China's Hu Jintao = Dirty Old Bastard

Alright, my focus for the week is China's Communist Party, better known in my world as "lousy-idiots-who-organized-a-political-party-because-they-have-no-self-confidence-to-rally-for-a-real-political-system". Now, Communism is defined as "A theoretical economic system characterized by the collective ownership of property and by the organization of labor for the common advantage of all members".

Communism says that people should ignore their desires to be individually successful or to hope the best for themselves because they are no better than every other man on the planet. It is wrong to desire anything for yourself, because your neighbor may need more than you do, so you should work for his needs and not your own. The political leaders in your typical Communist party are ruthless, and DO NOT consider the needs of the people. They rule with brute force - - seizing property owned by people who oppose them, imprisoning any great mind that does not agree, murdering protesters, and ruining business and private enterprise in every way they can. The political party leaders see free-thinking minds as a threat, because they teach humankind to desire for self... completely opposite of the Communist mind-set. Communist leaders seek to raise their status for the betterment of themselves, while saying it is to maintain order for the common good of the people. The middle-men manage the state-of-mind of the public by preaching the care for your fellow man, and reporting those who oppose the common political party for their own advancement. The general public lives in fear, gathering secretly to talk about their hopes, fears, and personal desires.

In essence, rather than letting people do their best for themselves, they frighten people into submission, and force them into denying basic human instincts for the sole purpose of political advancement. Communism is not a long-lasting form of government, however, and I'll tell you why...

People want to fall in love, they want to protect their families, they want to provide the best for their children, and they want to feel their feelings without the added emotion of guilt. People want to know that their hard work will pay for their needs, and that the harder they work, the greater the reward. Human nature is to fight for survival, and while the fight may be different in the modern world than it was for cavemen, the instincts are still the same. In heart & soul, man cannot deny instinct. Communism only works in a limited scope, because Communist leaders CANNOT practice what they preach. Citizens will eventually see their political leaders basking in wealth, rolling in their superiority, and climbing the political ladder thanks to the sacrafices of individuals... they will get angry and eventually protest so they are no longer denied their HUMAN RIGHTS. In most Communist governments, you can't seek other work once you choose a profession, and if the government decides your skills are needed somewhere else, you go whether you want to or not becuase it is for the good of other men.

Capitalism takes man's desires, and rewards those who do their best by giving them prosperity. Some are rewarded with financial prosperity, some with emotional prosperity, but all feel that the work they do gives them their place in life. It's not perfect, because money doesn't grow on the trees you plant, and often people must look somewhere else to advance in the ways they want to... but Capitalism gives you the option to desire working somewhere else and looking for job elsewhere, in any other field you desire.

1) People must work the hours their employer requires (for any businesses associated with the Communist Party).
2) People must accept their employer's wages, often without incentive to work hard or well because there are no raises (because the government says that company cannot reward any one man without rewarding all).
3) People are censored in ALL of their interests (certain WEBSITES, certain books, certain movies, certain music, certain TV programs, certain clothing brands, etc. are not sold in China if the government thinks it's influential).
4) People are not provided any type of social / economical security (if you get injured at work, it is your own damn fault, and Communism should provide for you once you're injured but because you're not longer useful to the betterment of all mankind, you're FUCKED).
5) People can only find industrial employment when they are between the ages of 14-24. Once you are 25 or older, you must prove yourself on a daily basis because employers find as people age they become less productive than young people (and there are no labor laws to protect you otherwise).

Remember 1989, remember the protests in Tianaman Square. A journalist was recently imprisoned in China for warning broadcasters to not report on the 15th Anniversary of the Tank Man and violent Bejing protests to their Chinese affiliated stations... and thanks to releasing his personal information to the Chinese government, his journalistic skills will not be admired for the next 10 years.

Trouble is once again stirring in China, and I would not be surprised if another era of protests break out in the near future... and we may see Chinese citizens being truly free.


When I Grow Up...

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Oh my God! It's my life in kid-vid format!!! Click the pic to see what I mean.


Wonders Of The World Vanish

It is sad but true, but the warning signs around the globe are telling us the Wonders of the World are gradually being destroyed. Read the Newsweek Article.

More likely than not, it is already too late to correct our actions. There are more people alive today than there have even been in the combined history of man. Industry, pollution, and lack of concern are swiftly killing our planet. Everything was great for a few million years, but in the last few centuries mankind has been choking the planet to death.


Bigger Penis + New Hair = Hot Latinas

Apparently, I have begun to suffer from the same ailments as thousands of men worldwide. My dick has become too small and flacid to satisfy the thousands of lonely Latinas in the great USA. All I need to do is send a check for $49.95 to a certain P.O. Box in Venezuela and I will be shipped a lifetime supply of an amazing new miracle drug! Check is in the mail, baby... Upon taking my new miracle drug I will have the ability to hammer away for hours. Now on to the problem with my thinning hair. I know, I know, it makes me look older, and undesirable to all women, everywhere. All I need to do is share the usual personal information - - full name, physical address, social security number, access to my first born child for an international prostitution ring, and I can have my free sample sent to me overnight!!! Upon aquiring my bigger dick and new head of hair I will have full access to thousands of lonely Latinas willing to give it all for a hot piece of my man love.

All the above stuff is going to be out there as long as man roams the planet, whether it be found in ancient dig sites, 1920's magazines, or spamming the internet today. Contraceptives, dildos, enhancing drugs, and hookers have been part of society since the beginning of human-kind (unless you're super religious, then none of what I've said actually exists).

For me, society hit a brand new low when a friend of mine sent me the following information about a third-rate actor known as Vincent Gallo. Apparently he has spent all his money (which in the world of FAMOUS actors is pocket lint) from his series of flop films including "The Brown Bunny" and "Buffalo 66". Sadly, this hollow excuse of a man has found it necessary to sell his childhood Hopalong Cassidy comforter, old movie posters, birthday gifts (including a painting by Charles Manson), crappy 8-track tapes, clothes off his back, the St. Anthony medallion from his 1st Communion, his motorcycle, and most astounding he is selling his third-rate man juice for the bargain basement price of $1 Million (or a magical night of fun for $50K). The following quote is from his website, which you can view by clicking HERE:

"I, Vincent Gallo, star of such classics as Buffalo 66 and The Brown Bunny have decided to make myself available to all women. All women who can afford me, that is. For the modest fee of $50,000 plus expenses, I can fulfill the wish, dream, or fantasy of any natural born female. The fee covers one evening with Vincent Gallo. For those who wish to enjoy my company for a weekend, the fee is increased to a mere $100,000. Heavy set, older, red heads, and even black chicks can have me if they can pay the bill. No real female will be refused. However, I highly frown upon any male having even the slightest momentary thought or wish that they could ever become my client. No way Jose. However, female couples of the lesbian persuasion can enjoy a Vincent Gallo evening together for $100,000. $200,000 buys the lesbos a weekend. A weekend that will have them second guessing..."

So no discounts for buying a weekend? You would think he could cut a break, maybe to $80,000 for a weekend... give just a little incentive. And lesbos for $100,000 - - what if they're bull-dikes that look like men? He sets some serious boundaries about no men whatsoever.

"Potential clients are advised to screen the controversial scene from The Brown Bunny to be sure they can accommodate all of me. Clients who have doubt may want to test themselves with an unusually thick and large prosthetic prior to meeting me. You may be surprised just how much you can handle and how good it feels."

How full of yourself do you need to be? Now, if he injures a client with his enormous rod, does the client get a partial refund for hospital expenses?

Included in his contract is demands for photos of potential clients (beggars can't be choosers, dude), as well as requiring first-class accomodations for all travel (you'd think he could fly coach with the minimal work he'll have to do for the $50K). This is the saddest little man I have ever seen... so hopeless, awkward, & desperate for love. What's worse is I don't think this guy was taught basic math and budgeting in school, and now he's being forced to sell his childhood treasures to support is crack habit.


Tom Cruise Threatens Katie Holmes?


Yes, another Tom Cruise related post. It would seem Mr. Cruise is becoming even more disturbing as the birth of his love-child with Katie Holmes approaches. He was quoted recently as saying, "First the baby, then the film. Then, in summer, we want to get married." But what followed is what scares me... "I won't let this woman get away."

I truly hope this whole thing doesn't end up badly for the supposedly future Mrs. Cruise. What if she were to want out of the relationship? Would the Scientologists create an "accident" to harm Katie? If the child is brought in the Cult, will Scientologists try to pass him off as L. Ron Hubbard reincarnated? If the couple stay together, will Katie become so mindless and brain-washed that the Cult will ultimately rule her life?

Tom is a long-since-lost cause, but Katie concerns me. She and I are the same age, and I can't help but feel concern, for her and any other woman who is in a potentially dangerous situation. I see women on Dr. Phil and Oprah who are battered, abused, and believe there is no way out...

Maybe it's just me. I've already lost a friend to Scientology (she is no longer allowed to speak to anyone outside the Cult including her own mother and father)... and here I am concerned about the people I don't even know getting in too deep in the same culture of violence. I guess I'll just hope for the best for my friend, and the lime-light couple I don't even know.


Naked Britney Spears Sculpture

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Now, I have as much appreciation for art as the next person... and I think the guy who chose Britney Spears for him to model a Pro-Life sculpture was a wise man. Just think - - what better way to get a starving artist publicity than by creating a sculpture of a celebrity who has refused to pose naked for anything? He's downright brilliant! After examining several pictures of the sculpture taken by the artist, I think he did a marvelous job modeling an elegant face. However, part of me actually leans toward the idea that initially the sculpture was just a sculpture of no one in particular. Perhaps after creating the sculpture, one of the artists' kids said, "Daddy, that looks like Britney Spears," and *BANG* you have national publicity.

In irony, this is a Pro-Life sculpture which supposedly has a baby emerging from the birth canal on the ass-end of the piece (which I have no desire to see), but shouldn't Pro-Life be for all creatures, not just humans? Isn't it actually Anti-Life with the dead bear as the base of the sculpture? I think the whole piece is a bit of an oxymoron, and besides the national attention it has been getting, it would seem that even Mrs. Fender-Boy is taking up arms.

How much of a dumb blonde is she? The following quotes are from her website:
"Just like the false tabloids, got it all wrong. I delivered Sean Preston in the hospital, as everybody with a computer knows. I realize there are a lot of people who envy me for how rich and happy I am, so I'm willing to give that guy the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps he confused making babies with delivering them."
*Wow. Just, wow. Envy little B.S. for how rich and happy she is? She sold her soul to making crappy music, is idolized by 9-year-old girls but takes no responsibily in what she's teaching them, and she married an asshat who CAN'T find a real job and depends solely on her. No, he can't carry a tune in a bucket - - I listened to the single and he sounds as doped up as he does when he's just trying to talk.

"I admit I was in that position when Sean Preston was conceived, because I was too drunk to stand up like Kevin prefers, but we weren't doing it on a bear rug. I was wearing the rug because we had just gotten back from a costume party."
*Hmmm... sounds as scandalous as my costume party with a co-worker making out with someone that is NOT her fiance of three years. Did she actually mean to share that much information about her sex life? Her sleaze-bag husband must be eating it up - - not only did he hook up with a sugar-momma who is as dumb as a box of rocks, but he also married a woman who brags about their sex life. His friends must be soooo envious.

"The more I look at that statue, the more I'm convinced the sculptor got me confused with somebody else. I know I've put on a few pounds since I got pregnant, but no way my butt's that big. I suggest the guy take a look in the mirror. Maybe it's his own fat-ass wife he was sculpting. Besides, I'd like to know where he got the pictures he claims to have used. Kevin swears the only shots of me naked are locked in his safe, and I believe him."
*Cha-ching! When the marriage hits the rocks because her husband has knocked-up some other bimbo, those pictures are gonna be all over the internet! In interviews I've seen of them, Kevin reeks like a Floridian trailer park alcholic freeloader with a speech impediment.

Moral of the story? If you're an artist, don't use Britney Spears to model ANYTHING in likeness of... she's already too self-centered and stupid to know what art is, and has no soul to appreciate the compliment. Also, it makes you as the artist look like a numb-nuts for choosing someone as self-centered and stupid to use as a model for publicity.

I bet the guy who buys the piece after it shows for Pro-Life will be the fat ass who offered Britney $1 Million when she was 17 for her virginity - - "That will be a fantastic piece for the dinner table!"