American BABY!!!

Nice! Not really a big surprise... I will preach American (in AMERICAN ENGLISH) all day long until I am blue in the face. People who live here in the USA and complain about everything make me sick. If they dislike it so much, I hear France has some free space (along with Russia, Germany, Canada, Mexico). Can you explain why so many people want to move here? IT'S BECAUSE WE ARE FREE!!!

You Are 92% American
You're as American as red meat and shooting ranges.
Tough and independent, you think big.
You love everything about the US, wrong or right.
And anyone who criticizes your home better not do it in front of you!

Now the other 8% is me being Irish - - Cheers!!!

Stoopid People

Okay, my focus for today - - more stoopid people. I do actually know how to spell stupid, but these people breach the normal realm of stupid to become "Stoopid".

So in the course of a normal day, I arrive to work between 8:15 & 8:30 AM... I'm supposed to be here at 8:30 so I'm ahead of schedule. I take a 1/2 hour lunch usually two days a week, and skip lunch the rest of the time because I am too damn busy to eat. I'll stay at work until 7:30 most days, but there are times I'm here as late as 9:00 or 10:00 PM. Part of the long days is I only work four days a week, but if you count it up, I'm still working over 40 hours a week. Now keep in mind I DO NOT get compensated for overtime, not even with "comp. time" so I am just here when I'm here, and unavailable when I'm gone.

There is an atrocious beast of a woman who works in the building who decided today to ask me over my 30 minute lunch why I was on the internet. Well, lets review, shall we? I am in front of my computer, with a notice up in electric neon orange saying "I AM CURRENTLY ON MY BREAK" (to keep stoopid people from getting confused). I also have food in front of me, my checkbook out, my bank info up on the computer, and all my paperwork moved aside. Should this not clue her in? Oh hell no!!! She goes on to say "Must be nice to have a leisure day everyday". WHAT THE HELL?!?!

I wanted to say "Get your stoopid ass out of my department, you brain-dead, snotty, toad-faced beast." Instead what came out was "Yeah, well, I'm eating and taking my lunch here in case a station I've been waiting on calls". The truth comes out, she rolls her eyes and leaves.

Why isn't it legal to just hit people like that? Just a quick smack upside-da-head would have made me feel so much better, and would likely have prevented another stoopid comment from exiting her mouth. Ah well, I'll get her next rime (Riiiiight).



Wow... This blogging stuff is great. I just type in a bunch of crap, and no one reads it! YAY!!! Alright, well today I plan to discuss with myself my favorite MMPORG and why. If anyone reads this - - MMPORG is short for Massively Multi-Player Online Roleplaying Game.

What it really means - - Everyone who is internet friendly has at one time or another participated in a chat room. Most people who grew up in the 80's & 90's have likely been to an arcade and played a video game or two. MMPORGs take a chat room and incorporate it into a 3-D game for your viewing and typing enjoyment.

I've been participating in MMPORGs for over 5 years, and it consumes nearly every free waking moment of my time. Now I ask myself - Why? The answer is quite simple...

I enjoy being disconnected from 95% of civilization - - bad drivers on the road, stoopid teenagers at the movies, snotty 30-somethings trying to prove themselves at restaurants, gossiping co-workers, flirtatious married men at dance clubs, assholes "walking" their agressive dogs without a leash, fat neighbors who let their 3-year-old children play in the street unsupervised, perverts who shop the children's section at Target watching little kids pick out new pajamas, women who openly hate men so much they borrow their significant other's credit card to charge it up and leave the guy, people who want something for nothing and pitch a fit when they get it but not in the color they wanted, old folks who think because they're old they can treat all other people however the hell they want, cashiers anywhere who act pissed off at you just for coming through THEIR line, and most of all - - people who talk at you but not with you and think you care about what a jerk that cashier was in the line at Target last week on Tuesday at noon.

All of the above are people I come in contact with on a daily basis, and it hurts me to see where civilization has gone... the only time I really love to be out around town is when the rest of the world is seeing Chaos. To explain, I think when there is Chaos you can truly begin to see greatness in people... what little greatness is left in humanity today. Just last week there was a snow storm... and by the time I left work the roads had frozen and the snow falling on top had created a virtual ice rink all the way home (20+ miles). The freeway was practically stopped, there were fender-benders everywhere, and as I began my long drive I stopped on a hill where a 5 car pile-up had just happened, I got out and offered the help I could, and my cell phone. Many couldn't get traction on the ice when climbing the hill and began to slide backward into eachother, and so they had backed over to the curb to park and walk in the snow. One man stopped his truck, and offered to let people ride in the bed to the nearest gas station... a few accepted the ride, and I followed him until he turned into a gas station and all the people began to climb off and go inside. People just helping for the sake of helping... real feel-good stuff.

Perverts, worthless parents, self-righteous money mongers, old angry people, and freeloaders tend to hide inside when the world gets chaotic... they don't want to get stuck out in a vulnerable situation and have to be nice to anyone for helping them, and even if a kind hand was offered they would be suspicious because of the nature of their hearts.

So, MMPORGs are my way to escape people. I can go online, choose who I come in contact with, in every way, and be wrapped-up in an enjoyable past time I share with my husband.


How fun... look at the goodies

Well, through a friend's blog I was directed to the following website:
Kind of fun, and relatively accurate :-)

If only I could find the site for Guess My Mental Age. I took the test in 2005, and it guessed my age at 67! My sister-in-law always said she could sense I have an Old Soul. Her idea is that through reincarnation my soul has Been There - Done That, which is why I have no interest in drinking, drugging, promiscuity, much of anything besides a few very selective & thrilling activites. The idea makes sense to me...

Now if only I could figure out in my past lives where something happened that now makes me absolutely freaked out about anything touching my belly-button. Hmmmm...