The Best of August - Horror Stories From Advertising

Don't get me wrong - I truly enjoy the people I've worked with. I just hate the pointless projects to amuse my supervisor (who I believe is bi-polar). This leads into my first story (and if you get offended - just quit reading my blog)...

The Boss decided that she was angry with my husband because he wouldn't return her calls in an emergency (never mind that she called from the generic office number and wouldn't leave a voice message). The servers had gone down because someone *cough*ITpeople*cough* had messed with the server settings, the IT people were too incompetent to figure out how to restore things after said changes were made, and everyone was looking to my husband to fix it remotely from his new job. The Boss cornered me after her 3rd try to call him, proceeded to yell that it was my fault my husband wasn't answering his phone, came to my desk every 10 minutes to see if I had found a way to contact him, and then talked shit about my marriage in the department for all employees to hear. I finally got to my husband via e-mail. He left a CLIENT PRESENTATION to be on the phone with the incompetent IT people at my company to bail them out.

But that's just what leads up to my story. The following day we had a scheduled business lunch, and on our drive there she informed me that I would no longer be working on her pet-project craft show account (which had NOTHING to do with our company). The Boss believed she was hurting my feelings because she said, "I know how much you like working on this account. But I just can't trust that you will continue to handle it with care since you will be leaving the company soon."

GOOD RIDDANCE! I was forced to give the client my cell phone number when The Boss was going out-of-town. The client called me nearly every weekend with stupid questions that had NOTHING to do with advertising, The Boss constantly changed her mind about what she wanted me to do with the advertising (3 EVENTS I changed the advertising after placing buys because she got a wild-hair up her ass - and 2 TIMES returned to the original buy after I made the changes). I was ready to be done with that account so much so that I nearly overcame my disgust towards her to give her a hug (nearly, mind you).

Funny thing was that while I was no longer to be involved with the account in any way - I still was on the phone with the client at The Boss' direction, I still placed the advertising, I was the contact for the stations regarding the advertising, I was responsible for the stations getting the commercials, I was responsible for negotiating the Newspaper ads... blah, blah, blah. Nothing changed at all. So lame. The only way to get out of the stoopid pet-projects of The Boss is to quit. Which I will be doing soon... and will be my own boss and a better person for it.

For my readers - I'm providing you a visual of the bane of my existence to help for future reference:
The Boss

Hehehe. Next I want to discuss NARCISSISM.

nar┬Ěcis┬Ěsism (noun)
1.inordinate fascination with oneself; excessive self-love; vanity.
2.Psychoanalysis. erotic gratification derived from admiration of one's own physical or mental attributes, being a normal condition at the infantile level of personality development.

Some of the incompetent jackasses from the advertising agency I work for believe all of the stories contained on my blog were about them. There were multiple people who likened themselves to the same story on a few occasions. So much so that the company went to the length of blocking Blogger in all ways at the office.

Yes, I know you have a Master's Degree and are the epitome of all humanity, I know you are hateful and unforgiving, I know you can't sleep at night fretting over when your lies will catch up to you, I know you cheated on your husband with a client, I know you are a racist and a bigot, I know you drink at the office, I know you had an abortion, I know you had to bail your father out-of-jail, I know you have been fired from 3 different jobs for the same reason, I know so many things about so many of you. I won't name names, I won't name companies. I don't need to clarify if you are too dumb to not know the difference.

Are you really so self-absorbed yet bored that you feel the need to seek out stories to verify your existence in the eyes of others? I've been in the advertising workforce for over a decade. Can you honestly believe you are the only person/people I bother to write about? Get over yourself already.

Our next edition will bring you stories of Prom for Little-Known-Unloved-Fat-Chicks, and The Tar-Heeled Ginger Kid.


Twisting The Night Away

As a little girl, I took dance lessons. I was a dancer for 15 years... Jazz, Tap, & Ballet. The last 4 years of my professional dancing, I was an instructor on the weekends. I LOVE letting my body express what I feel through the music. I stopped dancing in college because work and school ate up all of my time.

I'm back at it. This time I'm taking ballroom dance lessons once a week. For me it's exercise... shuffling around a floor to a beat is different than having a stage to myself, but I'm so happy to be back in classes again!

August was Fox Trot and Rhumba.
September is Waltz and Cha-Cha.

Hopefully with the diet I am going back on I'll be feeling like myself again soon!


Shameless Self-Promotion

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Tired? Hell yes. I'm exhausted. Between packing, cleaning, day job, night job, pets, friends, and life... I have run out of time for myself. Ideally I would soak in the bathtub for 2 hours with a good book and a glass of wine when I feel like this. But of course, there's no time.

Angry? Sometimes. Heckling is a constant... and I'm facing it alone. Why can't adults behave like adults? Apparently harassment is OK when you're stuck between a rock and a hard place and people know that about you. Still, I'd prefer to just be left alone instead of being treated like this.

Lonely? I wouldn't necessarily say that. My husband has been wonderful, and our friends have surrounded me with love & support. The animals seem to know I'm feeling a bit off just because I am bombarded at night the by fuzzy babies.

Sad? Always. Of course I laugh, and joke with people, but there's been some major loss in my life lately and no one needs to see that. Other people have enough of their own burdens to bear.