Sex Segregation

So I'm back into studying religions... this time I have been inspired after visiting the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.

I've noticed Hasidic Jews traveling in small groups - always all men or all women.  In my mind I likened it to Mormons having to travel with a "buddy" before their mission so as to not be influenced by the opposite sex (I think this was primarily created because of the ever-seductive Scorpios of the world).  Of course there is more to it than that... so I am simplifying what I've learned for anyone else who is curious.

In the realm of Judaism (as in Christianity, Muslims, Scientology, etc.) there are your sort-of-practicers, your regulars, your ultra-believers, and your extremists.  Hasidic Jews border on extremists - taking their faith to the extreme in their fear of God, memorization of God's word, and practice of texts to honor God.

How does this relate to boys & girls?  Well primarily it means that the only way to avoid God's wrath if you get googly-eyed over a woman's hot knockers (or man's bulging package) is to never be in the presence of them.  Guys & gals can only intermingle if they are being introduced for the purpose of marriage... or they are actually married and should then be being fruitful and multiplying.  Hasidic churches have a men's side and a women's side - divided by a wall or curtain.  School classes are divided.  Many communities offer private buses for men or women.  And of course in the case where you may cross paths when out grocery shopping / walking into church - there is the guideline to cover every last part of your body to avoid inciting impure thoughts.  (I'm not sure about you... but I have always had an active imagination regarding people in clothing and what lies beneath.)

So there you have it... Hasidic Jews travel in uni-gender packs to avoid their minds going into the gutter.  BIG FUCKING TITTIES!!!